Best Fence Staple Gun Reviews (2020): Our Top Picks

3 Jun

Best Fence Staple Gun Reviews (2020): Our Top Picks

If you’ve ever been involved in a fencing project, then you know how difficult fencing staples can be.

Sometimes they’re barbed, other times they’re thick, and they often need to be hammered into place.

If the points aren’t in deep enough, then you flatten out the staple and are forced to start over. Don’t you wish there was a better way?

When you know how to find the best staple gun for fencing, you’ll have found that better way.

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Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

Senco SNS41 16 Gauge Construction Stapler

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Senco SNS41 16 Gauge Construction Stapler

Our Rating

Best Fence Staple Gun Reviews Chart

The problem with fencing is that it can come in a wide variety of materials.

You might need to affix wire to fence posts. You might be using treated wood. Maybe you’re installing cedar fence panels instead.

The bottom line is this: you need a versatile staple gun.

The chart below gives you a look at those that have proven to be useful.

Our Top 5 Best Fence Staple Guns:

1.  Paslode 900078NT Cordless Crown Siding Stapler

2. Roberts 10-600 120v 15 Amp Pro Electric Stapler 

3. Hitachi 0.25” Narrow Crown Power Finish Stapler

4. Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Stapler

5. Fasco 0.5 inch Crown 20 Gauge Upholstery Stapler

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Paslode 900078NT Cordless Crown Siding Stapler

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#1. Our Overall Top Pick

Paslode 900078NT Cordless Crown Siding Stapler

Our Rating

This is the brand that is associated with the toughest jobs that your outdoor environment can throw at it.

You can literally staple miles of fencing with this staple gun if you have a couple of batteries packed along with you for this adventure.

The results are consistent and only rarely do you need to hammer in a staple to make it flush.

It works for chicken wire, barbed wire, and even thin cedar panels if you have the need. Invest into this staple gun and you may never need to purchase another one.

Be sure to check out our list of the best Plier Staplers for more great items like this.

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Roberts 10-600 120v 15 Amp Pro Electric Stapler

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#2. Our Top Pick For Beginners

Roberts 10-600 120v 15 Amp Pro Electric Stapler

Our Rating

When it comes to electric staple guns, the results can sometimes be hit or miss.

Sometimes the value-priced staple guns can outperform those that are marked as being construction-grade staplers.

For the Roberts 10-600 120v 15 amp electric stapler, there’s a reason why it’s the #1 power construction stapler consistently sold online at stores like Amazon.

It is able to perform consistently, provide users with a tremendous level of quality, and it does so for less than $100.

Make sure you also check out our guide to the best Electric Staple Gun.

Hitachi 0.25 Narrow Crown Power Finish Stapler

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#3. Runner Up

Hitachi 0.25” Narrow Crown Power Finish Stapler

Our Rating

Are you ready for zero cracking in your fencing project?

Hammering in trim nails can be ridiculously tedious when you’re dealing with a stubborn fence.

Sometimes the wood even cracks on you if you put your fasteners in the wrong space. We had zero cracking and zero damage to the fencing we worked on while using this machine.

The work was completed so fast, in fact, that we had enough time to enjoy a couple beverages before the next chores needed to be completed.

Our handy guide to the Best Saddle Stapler features more great products like this.

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Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Stapler

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#4. Runner Up

Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Stapler

Our Rating

Sometimes your fencing project requires a narrow crown staple for the best results.

If you need a wide crown staple instead, then this is the pneumatic staple gun that will best fit your needs.

You’re going to be able to power through any project as long as you can keep your air pressure between 60-100psi.

The smoothness of how each staple is inserted is remarkable and the number of flush results will be a pleasant surprise.

Not many products in this industry surprise us with how good they are – this one did.

Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the best Heavy Duty Staple Removers.

Senco SKSXP-L Crown Stapler

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#5. Runner Up

Fasco 0.5 inch Crown 20 Gauge Upholstery Stapler

Our Rating

The design of this staple gun is impressive. There’s only 2 moving O-rings contained within the design, which means you’ve got less ongoing maintenance that needs to get done.

The staple gun is remarkably quiet for its size as well. You won’t have to worry about lubrication thanks to this design as well.

If you’re looking for a staple gun that offers a 0.25 crown stapling experience and want something that can be around for long-term projects, then this is the investment you’re going to want to make.

We have also reviewed the best box staplers, so check them out as well.

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The Basics of a Staple Gun For Fencing

Fencing is one of those time intensive tasks that is necessary when you’re protecting your property.

If you’re looking at this page, then you’ve likely experienced the smashed thumbs and fingers that come from years of fencing work without a reliable staple gun. How many times have you missed the staple and had it come flying at your face? 

Or have it get stuck in the arm?

It’s time to stop having the aching joints. Many folks in the construction business will say there isn’t a better way to drive in staples than to hammer them in, but that isn’t true today. With the high powered staple guns that are available on sites like Amazon, a small investment can bring you a lifetime of dividends – and stop you from smashing your fingers.

Here is how it works.

You get a relatively large staple gun. You find one that can work with the gauge of staples that you need for your fencing. Some staple guns for fencing can even accommodate the 9 gauge barbed staples that you’ve been hammering in all your life. If you’re using pine or treated lumber with your fence posts, then you can quickly install your fence – BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! You just go right down the line with your wire fence.

It doesn’t stop there. You can assemble fence panels, affix joists, and all of the other work you’d typically use for all-wood fences as well. The modern staple gun will overwhelm you with how easy this job can be. It’s time you got started.

How To Find the Best Staple Gun For Fencing

You’re going to need a powered tool. Sometimes this power comes from batteries. Sometimes you might need to find an outlet for a corded tool.

There are pneumatic and there are gas-powered options available in this category as well. What you need to find is the staple gun that is going to give you the greatest amount of mobility and the least amount of cumbersome setup.

The best staple guns in this category, however, are actually hybrids. You will often find electric or gas-powered staple guns have a battery backup available for extended use.

This allows you to complete jobs in remote locations even when there aren’t recharging options that are close. Make sure if you go for this type of staple gun that you invest into extra batteries if you plan on using it for multiple fencing installations.

You’ll also want to find a staple gun for fencing that offers a depth adjustment feature. This will allow you to have proper wire gripping without accidentally overdriving the tool.

Angle guides and sequential triggering systems can also be beneficial.

As a final point of emphasis, it is important to consider the actual construction of the staple gun itself.

Look for commercial quality tools if you plan on doing more than a quick fence repair. 

You’ll need something that can withstand outdoor conditions and drops, but not be so heavy that it becomes unwieldy.

The staple gun reviews here will take you through each feature and advantage that the tools have so you can put up almost any type of fencing with ease.

The Advantages of a Staple Gun for Fencing

The advantages of this tool can be summed up in 3 words: durability, power, and savings. These staple guns must be durable to withstand heavy use conditions that come from fencing projects. 

Even if it is just a small repair that needs to get finished, a light duty machine will fracture under the force required to drive fencing staples.

Power comes from the quality of the mechanism itself. You won’t have to hammer in most of the staples you drive with the best staple gun for fencing.

Savings comes through time and monetary savings.

Pulling out staples that are flattened or not hammered in correctly can be costly. 

Many staple guns in this category may be an investment, but just one fencing job will often pay for the tool and the rest goes into your profits. Imagine cutting your installation time for a fence by up to 50% – that’s what can happen when you own one of these staple guns.

What Are the Prices of Staple Guns for Fencing?

This type of staple gun tends to be the most expensive in this tool category. This is especially true for staple guns that are equipped to handle the heavier gauges of staples.

You’ll find that commercial grade staple guns for fencing will typically run around $899.

You can find less expensive models online at stores like Amazon, but they are more intended for light residential repairs rather than installation needs.

The staples also tend to have a premium price point when it comes to fencing.

Class 3 staples designed for pneumatic staple guns can run as high as $129 per set. If you’re using a pneumatic tool and need to have an air compressor, then you’ll have another cost that meets or exceeds the cost of the gun itself.

Final Words

The best staple gun for fencing will save you a tremendous amount of time on your next project. The days of hammering in nails or staples have come and gone. The future of fencing is with tools like these, so pick up the one that can best meet your needs today.

You won’t believe how productive you can be until you own one of these tools.

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